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Aeration System Solutions

Based on more than 30 years of experience in Germany, the company combined with a large number of aeration system project operation actual situation and demand, aiming at the lack of dissolved oxygen in aeration system, damage and blockage of aeration system, fan pressure holding, high energy consumption, aeration equipment can not drain maintenance, replacement and other operational pain points, for municipal sewage, The industrial wastewater plant provides biAOS-LIFT  lifting aeration system, CTMS pull-out aeration hose, BiAOS-HANG  suspension lifting aeration system and other solutions. It can realize aeration equipment and system maintenance, replacement, biochemical aeration system upgrade, energy saving transformation, system technical transformation, etc. From the biochemical aeration system diagnosis, program design, equipment provision, engineering installation and other dimensions to provide a comprehensive solution!

  • BIAOS-LIFT ® Framework Liftable Aeration System
    We have a highly trained, disciplined and professional installation team that can work "at height" on the new aeration tank. Water operations in renovation projects; Covering shed operating condition; Complete protective measures to ensure construction...
  • CTMS® Pull Aeration Hose System
    Bioas-ctms is a new aerated aerator successfully developed by introducing foreign technology. It adopts special polyurethane PU hose imported from Germany and special punching technology, which makes the aerated hose form small and slow rising bubbles...
  • BIAOS-HANG ® Suspension Lifts Aeration System
    Product assembly using semi-automatic mechanical assembly production, hot melt welding instead of adhesive process, to ensure adequate supply, product quality is uniform, stable and reliable, highly repeatable. The aeration head straddles the aeration...
  • HAS® Elevates Swirl Aeration Systems
    Specially designed bubble cutting mode, smaller bubbles, high oxygen utilization, maintain stable DO value in the tank. The material is specially prepared to increase the toughness of the product on the premise of retaining sufficient strength...
  • BOTTOM FIXED® Bottom Fixed Aeration System
    The traditional bottom installation is composed of a main riser, which is connected with the main ventilation pipe at the bottom of the pool, and the bottom ventilation pipe is divided into several ventilation branch pipes. The main vent pipe...