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OTT GROUP, the world's most influential aeration brand, was founded in 1986. It has been developing and manufacturing aeration products and systems for more than 30 years. It is a global professional aerator manufacturer.

OTT GROUP adheres to the "Made in Germany" quality and has grown into an international company with more than 20 representative offices. At present, we provide products and services to more than 6000 wastewater treatment plants and companies worldwide.

To date, the OTT aerator system has achieved energy cost savings of eur 33,214,000 and co2 reduction of 14450 tons.

With over 35 years of manufacturing history and numerous cases to prove our name, OTT is a specialist in high performance aeration systems for municipal and industrial wastewater. OTT never compromises in quality and provides customers with the products we promise.

Over 35 years we have made a name for ourselves as expert suppliers of high-performance aeration systems for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. We supply quality without com promises and always deliver what we promise.

  • D-REX® Disc Diffusers
    The OTT d-rex ® disc aerator can be mounted on ¾ in. internal threads or adaptor mounted on a 30mm inner diameter square tube. The bracket and clamping ring are made of fiberglass reinforced PP and can withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C (248°F)...
  • BIAOS-LIFT ® Framework Liftable Aeration System
    We have a highly trained, disciplined and professional installation team that can work "at height" on the new aeration tank. Water operations in renovation projects; Covering shed operating condition; Complete protective measures to ensure construction...
  • BioTAS® Micromixed Hose Aeration Technology
    BioTAS® micromixed hose aeration technology uses a German aeration hose originally imported to form small and low ventilation rates Slow rising bubbles greatly improve oxygen transfer efficiency. Weather resistance and oil resistance...
  • MAGNUM® Tube Diffusers


    OTT MAGNUM® thin-film tubular aeration equipment has proven to be a fruitful technological innovation. MAGNUM® aerator stands out for its ease of installation and high quality. With high efficiency and long service life...

  • CTMS® Pull Aeration Hose System
    Bioas-ctms is a new aerated aerator successfully developed by introducing foreign technology. It adopts special polyurethane PU hose imported from Germany and special punching technology, which makes the aerated hose form small and slow rising bubbles...
  • BioAir® Air Lift Technology
    The essence of BioAir® technology is air lift. Air lift is the use of air lift pump to compress the air to produce lifting motion A force lifts a liquid from a lower place to a higher place.
  • STANDARD 2 Tube Diffusers
    OTT STANDARD 2 Tubular aerators are available in pairs or individually mounted on stainless steel and plastic dispensers with 30, 40 or 45mm id. You can get STANDARD 2 tubular aerators with either vinyl propylene rubber (FLEXNORM®) or silicone...
  • BIAOS-HANG ® Suspension Lifts Aeration System
    Product assembly using semi-automatic mechanical assembly production, hot melt welding instead of adhesive process, to ensure adequate supply, product quality is uniform, stable and reliable, highly repeatable. The aeration head straddles the aeration...
  • BioFerm® Sludge Fermentation Technology
    BioFerm® technology is used to form sludge layers by sludge precipitation in an anaerobic tank, to generate VFA in the sludge layer by sludge fermentation, and then to release the resulting VFA into the liquid above the sludge layer by pulsed...
  • AirRex® Air Header System
    AirRex® is a modular plastic ductwork system that can be quickly installed in all types of aeration tanks without the use of adhesives or other auxiliary tools. The unique AirRex® fastening device allows linear expansion of the string and safe...