Can enhance TPU aeration hose (pull type) application

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Can enhance TPU aeration hose (pull type) application

Bioas-ctms, the original aeration hose from Germany, forms small and slowly rising bubbles under low ventilation rate, greatly improves oxygen transfer efficiency, weather resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and can keep the performance stable for a long time. The comprehensive service life of municipal sewage is more than 8 years.

I. Product form and performance

1, the product has no plastic lined tube, the length can be customized any length.

2, usually designed ventilation 0.5~1.5m³/h.

3. Bioas-ctms has no internal support structure. Compared with EPDM diaphragm tube aerator, the resistance loss is reduced, the fan power is smaller, the product oxygen utilization rate is higher, and energy consumption is saved.

Two, the number of aeration and pipeline quotation

1, the number of aerator: because the product uses low ventilation operation, the number of aerator is often 3~6 times of the conventional tube aerator.

2, pipe cost: hose ventilation instead of steel pipe ventilation, in stainless steel pipe cost, far lower than the conventional riser lifting method.

Three, installation and maintenance

1, the installation needs to drain mud.

2. Bioas-ctms is installed in a unique way that allows maintenance without stopping production or draining water. The air distribution branch pipe is arranged on two layers, one end is connected with the air supply branch pipe with a quick fitting joint, the other end is tensioned with a rope of composite material, and the aeration pipe can be inflated and flattened by opening and closing the valve on the air supply branch pipe, so as to realize self-cleaning. When bioAS-CTMS is replaced, it can be pulled out from the bottom of the tank along the balance stabilizing device only by unlocking the quick fitting joint on the tensioning rope and air supply branch pipe. After replacement, it can be pulled back to the original position along the tensioning rope. The whole process can be completed within 15 minutes by one operator without emptying the tank body, which is convenient and fast.

Pullet-type TPU hose can enhance aeration system is a new installation method of aeration system, which is seldom applied in large municipal engineering, but relatively more in small municipal sewage plants and industrial sewage. In practical case application, BioAS-CTMS has a series of advantages such as small bubbles, high oxygen utilization rate, uniform aeration and low resistance. With the valve setting, online backwashing can be realized, convenient maintenance.