Bottom mounted aeration system versus liftable mounted system

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One, bottom installation

      It is connected with the main ventilation pipe at the bottom of the pool by a main riser, and the bottom ventilation pipe is divided into a number of ventilation branch pipes; The main vent pipe and branch pipe at the bottom of the tank are fixed on the bottom of the tank through an adjustable bracket and expansion screws, and the aerator is installed on the vent pipe; It is a unit distribution. OTT/D-REX disc aerator and MAGNUM tube aerator are available.

There are certain requirements for the concrete strength at the bottom of the aerobic pond, and it can be implemented only after the manufacturer stops production, drainage and mud discharge, and certain cleaning of the bottom of the pond. The production loss and labor cost are huge.

System maintenance

It is difficult to maintain, and professional divers with high salaries need to be hired to maintain the bottom, which is of high cost and low efficiency, and there are potential safety hazards for personnel. Or stop production drainage after maintenance.

Two, can lift the installation

The aeration head straddles the aeration tank. Each aeration riser is hoisted from the aeration tank. Each aeration riser is individually connected and can be disassembled, usually using a MAGNUM tube aerator.

System installation

Support installation with water, no need for manufacturers to stop production, drainage and mud, no requirements for the strength of the bottom of the pool concrete, greatly reducing the loss of production and labor costs.

System maintenance

Simple maintenance, each group of aerators can be separately disassembled in water depth, maintenance and replacement. Simple and easy, no need to stop production of drainage, online with water operation.

Three, bottom installation VS lifting installation

Condensing drainage system:

Bottom installation: Each unit shall have a separate condensate drainage system.

Lifting installation: since the system point is the aerator, there is no need to set up the condensate drainage system.

Damage mode:

Bottom mounting: large area damage in the shape of area. Because the system is a unit distribution, the damage of one product in the system will lead to the water inflow of mud in the pipeline system, resulting in the breakdown of the entire aeration unit.

Lifting installation: separate breakage. Because all aerators are distributed independently and do not affect each other, the damage of one product will not affect other products in the system.

Input cost:

Bottom mounting:

1. The ventilation pipe is UPVC or ABS, and the general service life is about 5 years. The single investment cost is low, but it needs multiple investment.

2, installation and maintenance cycle is long, resulting in production loss and huge labor costs, environmental protection pressure.

Conclusion: the investment is low, but the comprehensive cost is high.

Lifting installation:

1, ventilation pipe is carbon steel or stainless steel material, long service life, no need to replace, but large investment.

2, easy installation and maintenance, short cycle. The corresponding production loss and labor costs are small.

Conclusion: The cost of input pipeline is high, but the comprehensive cost is low.

To sum up:

The aeration system is lift-mounted and in many ways superior to traditional bottom-mounted.