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  • Biaos-lift ® Framework Liftable Aeration System

    We have a highly trained, disciplined and professional installation team that can work "at height" on the new aeration tank. Water operations in renovation projects; Covering shed operating condition; Complete protective measures to ensure construction sa
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  • CTMS® Pull-out Aeration Hose System

    Bioas-ctms is a new aerated aerator successfully developed by introducing foreign technology. It adopts special polyurethane PU hose and special punching technology imported from Germany to form small and slow rising bubbles in the aerated hose under low
  • BIAOS-Hang® Suspension Lifts Aeration System

    Product assembly using semi-automatic mechanical assembly production, hot melt welding instead of adhesive process, to ensure adequate supply, product quality is uniform, stable and reliable, highly repeatable. The aeration head straddles the aeration tan
  • HAS® Can Lift Swirl Aeration System

    Specially designed bubble cutting mode, smaller bubbles, high oxygen utilization, maintain stable DO value in the tank. The material is specially prepared to increase the toughness of the product on the premise of retaining sufficient strength. Control th